E-commerce Applications

Online business, buying and selling on the internet means E-Commerce. At Filance, we will work with you to find the solution that is right from you. We have integrated a payment system into past site ranges from online services such as Pay Pal or PayByCheck.com to full blown merchant accounts.

An online site, ecommerce site is just like a can range all the way to a real-time credit card processing site where customers can purchase downloadable goods and receive them on the spot. The online website can be a small one or a largest retailer with many and numerous products.

Some of the services available include comprehensive product catalogues, full online ordering capability, product search, secure online payment facility and online inventory capabilities.

With an e-commerce website your business is open 24-7 and can make sales even when you are not in the office, as well as extending access to the global market at minimal cost.

At Filance we ensure that every part of your site is tailored to your specific needs. By adding extra functionality to the standard website development package, you can make your website work harder for your business. At Filance, an e-commerce application can include: