Domain Name Consulting

In our history, we've managed accounts with more than 1500 domain name registrations. We understand registrars and their policies regarding domain transfers, ownership transfers and a laundry list of other domain issues.

Our broad experience in dubai domain name consulting, dubai domain name troubleshooting, dubai domain name research, uae domain name branding and uae domain name purchasing will help you navigate the minefield of domain-related complexities.

Filance can help you to search for, register, protect and manage your company name around the globe. We provide access to UAE's .AE domain names and enable you to register .ae domains, or your choice of other domain name, depending upon availability.

Our Domain Name Management service encompasses an audit of existing domain names, consolidation under one account, and then ongoing management of renewals. Your company has probably spent thousands of dollars registering names, trademarks and service marks to protect your valuable intellectual property. But how have you protected your company's names, brands and trademarks on the Internet?

Filance's Dubai Domain Name Management solutions offer a vital service that most companies need in today's rapidly changing Internet environment, for a fixed annual fee. As part of your website development package, Filance's team of domain experts function as your dedicated, full-time domain management staff, and do it with better results and for less cost than you are spending to manage your domains internally today.